Gweilo Beer
Our Story

Our Story

Gweilo was founded by husband and wife Ian and Emily and their friend Joseph, who each shared a simple dream: to create fun, fresh, natural, unpasteurised beers for the people of Hong Kong and Asia to enjoy. 

We originally started contract brewing our Pale Ale, IPA and Wit beers in 2015, then in June 2017, our friends at BCI, who we met whilst home brewing in Hong Kong, acquired a minority stake in Gweilo and subsequently funded and managed the building of our flagship brewery, which opened in March 2018. We have a state of the art facility with a 3500L 4-Vessel brew deck, 115000L cellar, centrifuge, rotary canning and bottling lines and a lab. Running all this shiny new kit is Head Brewer Tomas Sluiter and Senior Brewer Brian Leslie, both from the US. Supporting them is an experienced team of brewers and packaging specialists. Now things are getting serious.

We have a Core Range of six beers, a Limited Range, a Collaboration Range and in time, we’ll be introducing barrel ageing and sour programs.

Our core range is true to our British roots, formed of session style brews ranging between 4% and 6%ABV. Keeping approachability at the heart of this range, we have a Pilsner, Wit, Pale Ale, Session IPA, American IPA and Stout. With these six core beers we aim to deliver great representations of their style. Later in 2019 we will be adding two new, progressive additions to our core lineup. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Our Limited and Collaboration ranges enable us to unleash our inner beer geeks and experiment. We intend to continually push the boundaries, brewing beers which take people on a journey through the wonderful and diverse world that is craft beer.