Gweilo Beer
Gweilo Beer

The Redefinition

A range of craft beers to help redefine Hong Kong’s beer market needed a name which was born in Hong Kong and has undergone a redefinition of its own. The choice was simple.

Gweilo's unique dictionary style branding aims to help promote, in a fun and lighthearted way, the redefinition the word Gweilo has undergone over recent years. Gweilo is a redefined name, for a redefining beer.


The phrase at the end of the definition of Gweilo on each bottle will change over time. Be sure to look out for our Facebook competitions to win the chance to have your phrase appear on 10,000 bottles of Gweilo beer.


With the recent arrival of more craft breweries in Hong Kong, the beer scene is changing. Gweilo wants even the most loyal drinkers of big brand tasteless beer to embrace the change. Put simply, life's too short to drink bad beer. It just isn't worth the calories.


Gweilo is indulging a passion to bring exciting, fresh and locally brewed craft beer to Hong Kong. We hope you can find room for just one more indulgence and enjoy our beer!